James Dyson - inventor

this is to help A2 people get better marks because in a question you can Justify your points with examples from James Dyson/Dyson vacuum cleaners depending on the question... also would be good if you learnt 2 design movements too in detail! will put these on later this month if i have time....

good luck everyone! (:

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"Dyson" began in 1979 when James Dyson brought, what was then a top of the range, vacuum
James soon got frustrated at the constant clogging and the lose of suction, which he tried
to resolve. When he visited a local sawmill he saw how this dust was removed from…

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1979 ­ 1984 >>>> developed 5,127 dual cyclone prototypes.
Late 1980s >>>> first prototype Gforce was made and sold in Japan
For £2,000.
1993 >>>> James Dyson was allowed to manufacture his own, first vacuum
cleaner DC01.
First vacuum cleaner to not...
> lose suction (cyclone technology)
> fitted a…

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