American Revolution Timeline

Hope this helps, it's America 1763-1789

Includes -

  • Stamp Act
  • Boston Massacre
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Intolerable Acts
  • First and Second Continental Congresses
  • Peace Treaty in France
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Philadelphia Convention
  • US Constitution


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American Revolution Timeline
1763 ­ End of Seven Year War Economic difficulties in Britain
and the American Colonies
1765 ­ Britain introduced Stamp Act to get America to help fund
the costs of the Seven Year War. The Stamp Act meant the
colonists had to pay taxes on all documents.
October 1765 ­ Colonists believed they shouldn't have to pay
taxes as they had no political say: `No taxation without
1766 ­ Britain repeals the Stamp Act (cancels it)
1767 ­ Britain introduces taxes on all imported goods.
1770 ­ Boston Massacre. Colonists rioted so the British
soldiers shot five of them. AntiBritish colonists exaggerated
stories of how many had been shot in order to turn people against
the British. British remove all taxes EXCEPT for taxes on tea
1773 ­ Boston Tea Party. Colonists aboard British ships
containing tea and pour it into the sea as a protest against the
1774 ­ As a result of the Colonist's rebellion, Britain introduces
the Coercive Acts (`Intolerable Acts'). For example, one was that
the Boston Harbour be shut. Colonists became very angry and
organised the First Continental Congress.
September 1774 ­ First Continental Congress attended by 12
delegates. They created petitions against the taxes and sent them
to the King. They had no effect.
1775 ­ Britain and the Colonies at war.
1776 ­ Second Continental Congress called where the
Declaration of Independence was signed July 4th. The draft of
the Articles of Confederation was written.

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­ Britain surrenders from war in Yorktown as France had
allied with America.
1783 ­ Peace Treaty signed in Paris, formally agreeing that
Britain and America's war was over.
1787 ­ It was decided that the Articles of Confederation was
failing due to lack of strong government, so Philadelphia
Convention was called where 55 delegates met and wrote the
US Constitution.
1789 ­ US Constitution put into place and George Washington
becomes USA's first President.…read more


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