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The Rump and Barebones Parliament, 1649-53

Ireland and Scotland and the Downfall of the Rump


The external threats were the first priority of the rump. Ireland had not been reconquered since the
rebellion of 1641. Many Irish royalists were holding out with an uneasy with the alliance with the…

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Therefore Charles had no choice and had to accept the terms of the Scottish Presbyterians who he
hated and made a public statement opposing his parent's religion.

In 1650 Cromwell led an army across the border and won a victory at Dunbar in September with an
army of 3000 defeating…

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On April 20 1653 the Rump was debating a bill for a new representative and Cromwell ejected them
using Harrisons regiment to force them out of the Chamber. The army was now the masters and the
public did not mourn the passing of the Rump.


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