Ireland Divided

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Ireland Divided
The map, left, shows that Ireland is divided into two parts:
The Republic of Ireland in the South is an independent
country with its own government and Parliament in Dublin.
Northern Ireland is part of the United kingdom. It is ruled
by Parliament.
The troubles in
Northern Ireland are
largely the result of
one question:
Should the North
stay part of the UK
or should it join the
South as part of a
United and
This question is the
main root of the
problem since
people do not agree
Northern Ireland
Some people in
Northern Ireland
want to stay part of
the UK. These
people are called
Unionists and are
mostly Protestant.
Firm Unionists are
known as Loyalists.
The other side want
to join the South and
become part of the
Irish Republic.
These people are
called Nationalists
and are mostly

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Catholic. Firm
nationalists are
known as
Both groups do not
trust each other.
Some are
determined to get
their own way
although most
people in Northern
Ireland do not
support violence, a
minority of Loyalists
and Republicans
have used murder to
show how strongly
they feel about the
future of Ireland.
The Government of
the UK and the Irish
Republic often
disagree about
Northern Ireland.
Governments in
Dublin want a united
Ireland.…read more

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The Religious
Divide in Northern
Londonderry…read more


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