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Institutionalisation studies
AS Psychology unit 1, aqa a
developmental…read more

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· Studied a group of children who suffered from deprivation
· A change in diet didn't improve them but a change in
supervisor did. The old supervisor was harsh and the new
on was kind
· This shows that good emotional care rather than good
physical care was the cause of their improvements
· High ecological validity as it used a real life situation
· Low population validity as it only involved one orphanage,
can't generalise results as different orphanages may use
care that effects children differently…read more

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· High internal validity as only one variable changed
which was the type of care (IV), so we can be sure
that the results are due to this and not any other
confounding variable…read more

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Hodges and Tizard
Studied 3 groups of children:
· In orphanage then adopted- suffered privation for
2 years whilst in orphanage but then became attached
to foster parents and generally recovered from
· In orphanage then restored- returned to natural
parents, had little friends, argued with parents and
became bullies
· Never in orphanage- more emotionally and socially
stable and less likely to be seen as quarrelsome…read more

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Hodges and Tizard
· High population validity- used a larger sample than
case studies looked at 32 children, more easily
· High ecological validity- looked at real children which
shows what would happen in a real case of privation
· Longitudinal study- attrition as people dropped out
leading to biased results as the people most likely to
drop out are the ones who suffered the most from
privation, so results could underestimate privation
· Only looked at effects for first 16 years so we don't
know the effects of privation in later life…read more

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· Studied effects of privation in south american orphanages
· Nurses rarely interacted with children even at feeding
· Suffered from anadictic depression
· 1/3 children died before their first birthday despite good
medical care
· High ecological validity- looked at real orphans in real
· Low population validity- different orphanages elsewhere
may provide better care effecting children differently…read more

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