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Relationships -
Influence of interaction with peers on adult relationships:
Relationships with peers also have an influence on later adult relationships.
Peers become more influential as a child progresses into adolescence, playing a
significant role in an individual becoming an independent adult, and helping to
develop social skills, including those…

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Collins and Van Dulmen (2006) found that experiences in early
relationships with both parents and peers influence the quality of young
adult romantic relationships, with both offering opportunities to learn
expectations, skills and behaviours affecting relationship quality.
Connelly and Goldberg (1999) found that the level of intimacy in peer

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(selflessness) not present in child-adult relationships, and these qualities
are important in forming successful romantic relationships.
Leaper (1994) believes that girls' and boys' peer groups emphasise
different styles of relating, affecting the amount of opportunity for
learning skills important for adult relationships. Girls' peer groups
emphasise turn taking and mutual…




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