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Assumption - To understand the
Individual complexity of human
behaviour it necessary to
Differences study the differences
between people rather than
just the similarities.
- Human beings have as many
differences between them as
they do similarities.
Approach Studies Strengths Weaknesses
Rosenhan Psychometric tests allow Labelling is unethical
Individual Thigpen…

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- Mental disorders difficult to diagnose as
identifying abnormal behaviour is tough.
Rosenhan: On being sane in - DSM, diagnostic and statistical manual of
insane places. mental disorders is used to classify mental
disorders. Rosenhan wanted to prove it
was not reliable.
- Gamblers are seen to use heuristics:

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- Some of the regular players recruited gamblers who may be addicted to
via a regular gambler known to Griffiths. playing fruit machines.
- Regular gamblers: 29 males and 1
- Non regular gamblers: 15 males and 15
`Regular gamblers': gambled on fruit
machines at least once a…

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