Increasing risks of Coastal erosion - California's lost beaches

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AS Geography 6th May 2010
Increasing Risks
Increasing Risks of Coastal Erosion ­ California's lost beaches
1) Numerous Private sea walls prevent Mud-slides and sub-aerial activity as well as
protecting property. However:
They reduce sediment supply to the beach
This results in Toe scouring (Undercut)
This increases beach erosion as more sand is being eroded
2) Local rivers all dammed
When rivers are dammed, it deposits all of its sediment.
When the river leaves the dam, it puts water back into the sea with little
This means the waves have more energy and erode the beach more
It also means that the waves cannot deposit any sediment to the beach
3) Knock-on effects of coastal management interrupting the littoral cell
Along the USA coastline, there are too many Key Players/Stakeholders
involved in coastal management who all want different techniques
Therefore we get more erosion in some places and less in others
An integrated management plan (SMP) is needed
Chris Cartwright

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AS Geography 6th May 2010
Increasing Risks
5) Major impacts of El Nino events
El Nino creates extreme weather events: Big storms More erosion
Low pressure system Rising tides
6) Strong onshore winds, destructive plunging waves
The above cause accelerated erosion
7) Possible effects of global warming
Global warming causes thermal expansion which rises sea levels
The water floods them and therefore we lose our beaches
Littoral cell moves further inland
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