Reasons for Coastal Management

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French (1997)

Coastal management is used when there is s conflict between physical process on land use - only need management in populated areas

No assumption that people are protected - legally don't have to, people can construct own defences

Coast is dynamic  and unpredictable - prone to causing problems = management needed to enable activites to be contunued whilst remembering the dynamic nature of the coast

Many different user groups for different things - excessive development pressures

Good coastal management = manage without being obvious e.g. change places of car parks, attractions, steps onto beach etc

Conservation vs preservation issues - most management issues from human activities on the coast - associated with coasts for a long time - trading ports, businesses, retirement etc

Main problems affecting coastlines:

  • erosion
  • pollution (quality of water)
  • deposition - silting of ports/harbours and increase in muds
  • change in sea level - increase wave size and storm surges

Need to think about management compatibility - human needs vs natural processes, who has priority? = cheaper to ignore people's needs, many new coastal strategies are looking to remove coastal/ sea defences

It tourism is major industry on coast = increased dev, more buildings at water edge, even building on off shore bars - high demand for land

Erosion from people walking on snd - compression leads to water run off and overland flow causing erosion = tractors used to plough the land to aerate it (increase sand pore spaces)

Problems of coastal legislation - focuses on what people can/ can't do rather than managing the coast

Different management plans - CMPs, SMPs, EMPs may have different focuses therefore idea my conflict - need to consider whole coastal zone in design

Different groups exist to manage different activities and areas of the coast - all have a different vested interest, need to laise to incorporate needs into one plan

Striving towards an integrated management plan considering all groups with a vested interest = CZM - issues may still rise with local and national politics

  • aim to incorporate natural processes with human usage, ecology and the environment
  • Foundations - 1992 UK Gov White paper on coastal zone protection and…


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