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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters


Bossy acts as older brother to Algy (gives Algy should and shouldn't in the very first scene)
Guardian to Cecily ­ used to setting rules
Gwen's ("sophisticated, city girl") style, education and good name are important to Jack
Responsible, respectable young…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters

There is an irony in Jack's real name, Ernest. This because Ernest is a name which suggests
truthfulness and sincerity neither of which Jack could be said to be.

The persona of Jack Worthing is one which mocks the virtue of sincerity and morality.…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters

Algernon Moncrieff

Mischievous ­ pretending to be Jack imaginary brother Ernest
Charming bachelor
Lazy and not very useful ­ spends his time eating and playing the piano badly
Prone to boredom ­ invents Bunbury to escape boring situations and unwanted invitations
Greedy ­ is…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters

Gwendolen Fairfax

Lady Bracknell Jr. ­ shows every likelihood of turning into her mother
Opinionated and forceful ­ bosses Cecily around
City girl ­ enjoys this advantage over C & there are many town v country barbs in the tea scene
Fashionable all the…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters

Over the course of the play Wilde manages to mock all virtues of Victorian society ­ beauty, youth,
fashion, social ascendance, education and religious piety.

Through the persona of Gwendolen, Wilde mocks the Victorian virtues of beauty, youth and
education by making her incredibly…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters


Country girl
Jack ward
Obsessed with the name Ernest
Highly imaginative ­ dreams up her engagement to Jack's brother Ernest
Mischievous ­ Gives Gwen sugar in her tea and cake which she didn't ask for and also get rid of
Miss Prism…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters

Lady Bracknell

Overbearing and powerful ­ objects to a lot of thing in the play and orders Gwen about constantly
Symbol of the rules and tradition of Victorian society
Stands in judgment of everyone else ­ husband test and christenings
Direct ­ says what…

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Importance of Being Earnest ­ Characters


Over the course of the play Wilde mocks:

Beauty ­ creates Gwen and Cecily who are very pretty but concerned with shallow things
such as having a husband called Ernest.
Youth ­ creates the silly, mischievous…


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