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1. Give the definitions of the following: health, disease, parasite and pathogen.

2. What do you have if you are in good health?

3. What do parasites do, what are the different types?

4. How do bacteria work?

5. What does fungi do to you?

6. How do viruses work?

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7. What are protoctista?

8. What are the forms of transmission?

9. What is malaria caused by?

10. How is it spread and what is the process?

11. How is HIV transmitted?

12. What is the process that it goes through?

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13. How does tuberculosis spread?

14. What can make it more likely to be spread?

15. What contributes to good health?

16. What is the global impact of malaria, HIV and TB.

17. What does the WHO do?

18. Describe: incidence, prevalence. Morality, morbidity, endemic, epidemic and pandemic.

19. What…

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21. How do mucous membranes help?

22. What are some other primary defences?

23. What are neutrophils and macrophages?

24. How do phagocytes work?

25. What is the role of macrophages?

26. What is an antigen and antibody?

27. What is the structure of an antibody?

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28. How do antibodies work?

29. What happens when antibodies are produced?

30. What is a vaccination?

31. What are the different forms it takes

32. What is herd and ring vaccination?

33. How is influenza a threat?

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34. What is active, passive , natural and artificial immunity.


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