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What is BackUp? The process of backing up, refers to the copying and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original
file if a problem occurs.
Why do you need BackUp? Backups are needed because in big places like offices or schools, there is a lot of work that people do and that
can all be lost in seconds if something like a fire or flood was to happen. Personal things can also be lost like old photos so backups are
really necessary. Hackers could also be responsible for loss of data so there really is no escape from backing up. If you're wondering why
you personally need to back up within your home, think about all those memories, the work, the photos, the music and videos. What
would you do if it was all lost? The worst things that could happen is that everything could be lost and there would be no way to get it
How much storage would you need to BackUp your life? In my house, there is an estimated 6.8 TB of data storage. This does not include
things like books or video tapes and magnetic tapes. If everything was lost I don't know what I would do. But luckily for me, we have
backup for everything in the house and for certain things, we even have backup for the backup.
What can you BackUp with? You can use HardDrives ­ portable and fixed, floppy discs ­ although they are not widely used any more as
they do not hold that much data; magnetic tapes ­ they hold a lot of data but can be quite slow; CD's and DVD's which can either be re
written or are read only memory ­ rewritable ones are better for backing up so that they can be updated; BluRay disks ­ large storage
capacity and can hold HD movies; memory sticks ­ can hold a decent amount of data but they are easily lost, and finally; flash memory
cards ­ used to hold pictures on cameras and they are compact.
The mentioned above are all physical storage. You can also have internet storage with software such as iCloud, DropBox and many more.
These are all online storage data bases with masses of storage available which you sometimes can buy.
You may not realise it, but there is storage everywhere around you. It is in your phone, iPod, laptop, computers and CD's. what would you
do if you lost all of your DVD's? Your favourite one would be lost forever. DVD's are lots of tiny grooves which are read by an optical light
reader and then displayed on the screen.
8 bits 1 byte 1 KB 1 MB 1 GB 1 TB 1 PB 1 EB 1 ZB


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