IGCSE Business Studies revision notes for chapter 9

Chapter 9: Factors Affecting Business Location

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Revision Notes for Chapter 9
1. Assisted areas ­ areas designated by the UK or EU as having economic problems
2. Brownfield sites ­ areas of land which was once used for urban development
3. Greenfield sites ­ areas of land where businesses developed for the first time
4. Regional policy ­ measures used by the government to attract businesses
Factors affecting location of businesses
Cost of land: Businesses that requires large plants, factories and stores, will want to
locate in areas where land is cheap.
Low business rate (A tax paid to the local authorities)
Land has been marked specially for business development.
Transport: Locating in areas of good transports make it easier for businesses to distribute
Cost and availability of labour: Businesses needing large numbers of human labour may
want to locate in areas where labour is cheap and wide range of skilled labour is available.
Proximity to the market: Some businesses locate close to customers so to keep transport
cost down.


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