IGCSE Business Studies revision notes for chapter 5

A revision notes for IGCSE Business Studies chapter 5. Keywords are highlighted in yellow. Hope you find it useful and please rate it.

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Revision Notes for Chapter 5
Key terms
1. Globalization ­ the growing integration of the world's economies
2. Multinational ­ the large business with operations overseas
3. Repatriation of profit ­ where a multinational returns the profit made to the country where
it is based
Advantages and disadvantages of multinationals
Advantages Disadvantages
Creates new jobs for the local communities Exploitation (E.G paying low wages, employing
child labour)
Brings new technologies to developing Little money is put into the host nation
Increase in tax revenue to the host government Taxes paid are often low
Increase in enterprise development in Possible environmental damage
developing countries


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