IGCSE Business Studies revision notes for chapter 18

This chapter is about communication methods. I had included some advantages and disadvantages as well, in case they might be useful.

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Revision Notes for Chapter 18
1. External communication ­ communication between the business and the
2. Internal communication ­ communication between people in the business
Advantages and disadvantages of each communication methods
Method Advantages Disadvantages
Face-to-face Allows immediate Negative body language
feedback A record of the message
Encourage cooperation may not be kept
Written communication A record of the message Poor grammar and
is kept spelling mistakes
More tails, especially in Letters take time to send
Electronic communication Emails can be sent very Emails require an internet
quickly connection
Videoconferencing and Company network is
teleconferencing allows vulnerable to hacking
communication to take
place anywhere
Methods of communication
o Interviews
o Training sessions
o Dealing with customers
o Presentation to investors and the media
Written communication
o Letters
o Reports
o Memmos
o Forms
o Notice boards
Electronic communication
o Emails
o Instant messaging
o Mobile phones
o Intranet
o Videoconferencing and teleconferencing
o Tannoy and public address systems

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