IGCSE Business Studies revision notes for chapter 19

Chapter 19 focuses on recruitment and selection process.

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Revision Notes for Chapter 19
1. Curriculum Vitae ­ a document used by a job seeker which lists personal
details such as qualifications, past experience and etc
2. External recruitment ­ appointing someone from outside the business
3. Internal recruitment ­ appointing workers from inside the business
4. Job description ­ a document that shows clearly tasks, responsibilities, the
title and type of jjob
5. Person specification ­ a personal profile of a person expected for a particular
Advantages of internal recruitment
Advantages Disadvantages
Staff more motivated Limited pool of employees
Cost effective Limited skills
Advantages and disadvantages of external recruitment
Advantages Disadvantages
Wide pool of employees Training is required
Possibility of very skilled employees More expensive due to advertising costs
Template of a job advertisement
Job title
Name, address, Email and telephone of the employer
Brief details of the job description
Skills, qualifications, and work experience
Sallaries and other benefits
Methods of application
Stages in recruitment
1. Identify the type and number of staff needed.
2. Prepare a job description and person specification.
3. Advertise using appropriate media.
4. Evaluate applicants and select a shortlist for interview.
5. Carry out interviews.
6. Evaluate interviews and appoint the best candidate.
7. Provide feedback to unsuccessful candidates.


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