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Ideas about vitamins
By Rowan Hall…read more

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Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Name- Frederick Gowland Hopkins
Nationality- English
Date of birth- 20 June 1861
University- University of London
Date of death- 16 May 1947
Discovery- Hopkins was a key character in the
discovery of vitamins, which won him the
Nobel Prize for medicine in 1926. He
understood that no animal can live on protein,
carbohydrate and fat alone, demonstrating this
through feeding animals these nutrients, and
showing that the animals did not grow. He
discovered that we need "accessory
substances" , which he later called vitamins.…read more

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Casimir Funk
Name- Casimir Funk
Nationality- Polish
Date of birth- 23 February 1924
University- University of Bern
Date of death- 20 November 1967
Discovery- Funk isolated a substance from the husks
from brown rice, that cured the symptoms of the
deficiency disease beri-beri (this was common
amongst Japanese sailors who only ate white rice
without husks). He proposed that the substance
be called "vitamine" as it contained an amine
group. However, the substance was later called
thiamin or vitamin B1. He created the hypothesis
that other deficiency diseases (scurvy, rickets)
could be cured with vitamins.…read more

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E. V. McCollum
Name- Elmer Verner McCollum
Nationality- American
Date of birth- 3 March 1879
University- University of Yale
Date of death- 15 November 1967
Discovery- McCollum used his research on the
effect of a lack of butterfat on the diets of mice
and rats to conclude that vitamins are either
water or fat soluble. From this research, he
extracted fat-soluble vitamin A and water-
soluble vitamin B. He also proved that vitamin
D prevented rickets. He discovered that Funk's
"vitamine" contained no amine group, so he
changed it to vitamin.…read more

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Joseph Goldberger
Name- Joseph Goldberger
Nationality- Hungarian
Date of birth- 16 July 1874
University- Bellevue Hospital Medical College
Date of death- 17 January 1929
Discovery- Inspired by the research of Gowland
Hopkins and Funk, Goldberger began to
investigate the link between the disease
pellagra and diet. He persuaded inmates in a
Mississippi prison to eat a diet lacking in meat
and milk . The instances of pellagra in the
guards (who ate milk and meat) was much
lower that that of the inmates (who ate mainly
cereals). He understood that pellagra was due
to vitamin b definciency.…read more

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James Lind
Name- James Lind
Nationality- Scottish
Date of birth- 4 October 1716
University- Royal College of Surgeons of
Date of death- 13 July 1794
Discovery- As a ship's surgeon, Lind was able to
show the link between symptoms of scurvy and
a diet rich in citrus fruits. Scurvy was a disease
that affected most sailors and we now know
that the vitamin C rich fruits alleviate the
symptoms. He also proposed that water can be
distilled from sea water.…read more

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