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ICT in healthcare and expert
systems.…read more

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ICT in healthcare
ICT is used in healthcare every day, one way in which it is useful is through
patient identification.
When a patient arrives they are allocated a unique number, this is the
number in the key field of a database and therefore makes the patient unique
and identifiable.
Each patient is then issued with a wristband that has a barcode, this barcode
contains certain information about the patient including:
-Blood type
-Unique number…read more

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Blood Bar coding tracking systems
When blood transfusions take place it is very
important that both the donor and patient are
known, in case of any problems.
To do this blood bags are coded with the
required information from the donor before
they are delivered to any hospitals.…read more

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How blood tracking works
1. Blood is taken from a donor
2. The blood is tested to determine certain characteristics of
the blood
e.g blood group
3. The blood is stored and bar codes containing required
information are attached to the bags
4. This blood is then delivered to hospitals and is kept in a
blood bank or fridge, where the details of the blood are
scanned before the bag is left
5. A member of staff removes the blood by scanning their I.D
card which opens the magnetic locks, the barcode is scanned
and then the blood is taken to the ward
6. The patient has their wristband scanned, this determines if
the blood chosen is right for the patient…read more

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Blood tracking using ICT has several advantages:
-The need for paper records is eliminated, therefore
time is saved
-If there are any problems such as cross-infection
both the donor and patient can be found quickly and
-Security levels are increased due to use of I.D cards
and magnetic locks
-The barcodes allow for stock control so that the
necessary blood is always available…read more

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Why do hospitals use the internet?
Hospitals use the internet for many things,
-Sending emails to patients and other staff
-To set up a hospital website
-For staff to preform any research
-Send information on lab tests/x-rays etc.
requested by doctors in other facilities
-To communicate with other hospitals/GP's…read more

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