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Ice sheets and Glaciers:
· Huge expanses of ice. · Rivers of ice that slide down river
· Contain 96% of the worlds ice. valleys due to the weight of the ice
· The main two are found in and gravity
Greenland and Antarctica. · A v-shaped river valley will be
· The ice sheet in Antarctica is: eroded away into a u-shaped
glaciated valley.
150 miles long
· They provide us with opportunities
In summer has 1000 waterfalls
for recreation and tourism.
· They provide us with ice-cores
· 40% of the worlds population rely
which can help is understand the
on them for water.
temperature and atmosphere on
the earth over time. · Cheddar gorge is an example of
an old glaciated valley.…read more

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What is the Glacial Budget?
Glacial Budget = Accumulation ­ Ablation
Accumulation is the INPUTS into a glacier (precipitation)
Ablation is the MELTING of a glacier (melt water)
In summer months ablation will exceed accumulation so the glacier will
In winter months accumulation will exceed ablation so the glacier will
EXPAND…read more

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· The water at the bottom of a
glacier freezes onto rock at the
base of the glacier.
· As the glacier moves it pulls
the rocks away from the
· The rocks that are frozen into
the glacier scour the valley
sides and base.
· This causes a sandpaper
effect and erodes the bedrock.…read more

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Match the process with the picture and example on a map:
MATTERHORN…read more

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A corrie is formed when:
Snow collects in a sheltered hollow on a mountainside
This snow doesn't melt and increased snowfall causes it to turn to ice until
a small glacier is formed
As the glacier moves it deepens the hollow by abrasion and plucking
The back wall of the corrie is steepened by plucking and freeze thaw
The movement of the glacier down and out of the corrie is called rotational
Less erosion at the front of the corrie causes a lip or rock bar to form
When the ice melts it forms a small lake called a tarn
An arête is:
A sharp ridge between two corries
A pyramidal peak is where:
Three or more corries cut backwards into the same mountain…read more

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