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The Problem Of Evil

Possible Solutions to the
Problem of Evil
The Augustinian Theodicy
Evil came about as a consequence of the misuse of free will. Firstly, evil was
brought into the cosmos by the fall of the angels, some angels, led by Lucifer, freely
chose to rebel against God.…

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the attributes of God, as we are supposedly the ones who brought evil into the
world, rather than Him, allowing him to remain omnibenevolent.

This seems to cover moral evil, but how does the Augustinian Theodicy account
for natural evil? Augustine argued that moral revolt by human beings set all…

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perfect, but we need suffering in order to have opportunities to choose God's path.
Throughout the life of a person a gradual transformation takes place, we are turned
from human animals into `children of God', this occurs as a result of freely choosing
God. John Hick referred to this as…

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he would have altered the natural laws, such as making it rain more on desert lands,
and so preventing thousands of deaths of crops and animals. However, Swinburne
has responded to this criticism by stating that the amount of suffering is acceptable
as God has set limits to human suffering,…

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responsibility for evil actions, i.e. even if we choose evil it no longer seems to
matter because it would not be actualized?

(4) God could intervene
Theists typically believe in miracles being performed by God, but if God can
intervene in the physical world, which surely He can if He…


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