Existentialism - focus on Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Feuerbach

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  • Existentialism
    • Nietzsche
      • God is dead
        • faith in the true world theories is deteriorating
        • humanity, when losing faith, would be torn
          • Nihilism
          • faith in order to give a meaning to oneself's life, in order not to feel superfluous or meaningless
            • however, by having a belief in the true world's theories, we just live a life that is not complete
            • however, the non - believer would have the feeling to live his life at the maximum
        • growing feeling that life is meaningless
          • survival for what?
        • a world in which free men could create and live their own lives
        • absolute freedom
        • the overman - a being capable to go against all the asserted truths and to exercise the will to power
      • skepticism
    • Feuerbach
      • god of religion
        • desire, material, sensible
        • fulfills our desires, gives us comfort and attends to our sensible being
        • it's an humanistic being
        • antropomorphic
        • no logical proof of it
        • corollary image - we are instinctively sensible about that.
      • god of philosophy
        • reason/thought
        • Transcendence
        • idea, abstract
        • God is represented as just pure ideals, contemplation
        • cannot interact with it - Impersonal relationship with God
        • however, does not show the real world - too abstract
    • Kierkegaard
      • infinite
        • the expanding factor
          • possibility
          • to change oneself
          • potentialities
        • to lose oneself in the infinite - life lived as our experiences are just experiments
          • obsession with what we can become, but in reality never accomplish what we think
      • finite
        • necessity
        • the concrete
        • as we see the world at the moment
        • if we do not see anythig but what we live in the moment, we are imprisoned in the finite
          • slave
          • dependent of others
      • one must choose a definite style of living appropriate to the self that one truly is
      • anxiety rises from the inability to get to the self
        • the recognition of having freedom
          • sense of responsibility of oneself and the future
      • despair
        • the condition by which oneself tries to get rid of his own self
          • awareness of it brings to its eradication and thus to live a genuine selfhood
      • Existential (subjective) truth
        • lived and experienced
        • embedded in the subjectivity of oneself
    • Others such as Sartre


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