Hypothesis features

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Geographical skills revision
Hypothesis features
Features of a hypothesis
Simple- single question not multiple questions
Measureable- contains units that can be measured
Achievable- can be investigated with the location chosen, time, resources
and equipment available.
Realistic- can it be done? Avoid `what if' questions as they are hard to
Timed- how much time is needed for the investigation? Research best
carried out over a short time frame with short intervals.
Other features
Suitable scale- small scale is better than large scale as they are more
Readily researched- some topics can't be researched effectively due to:
- Time needed
- Number of researchers needed
- Data being unavailable
Clearly defined- terms understood to avoid confusion
Clear geographical nature- spatial or locational
Based on wider geographical theories, ideas, concepts or processes
Clear aim- single purpose and focus on research allowing clear conclusions
to be stated.


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