features of a hypothesis

features of a good hypothesis needed for a effective geographical investigation

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A2 geography geographical skills theory
Features of a hypothesis
Simple not a multiple set of tasks: a single question or hypothesis is most effective
Measurable contains at least one possible set of units that can be measured. this
helps to suggest how results can be analysed.
Achievable can be investigated with the location chosen, time available and with
resources and equipment available.
Realistic can it be done? Avoid `what if' questions as they are difficult to prove,
especially if there is no control group.
Timed how much time is needed to complete the investigation? It can be hard to
carry out research over a long period of time or at repeated intervals. research that
can be carried out over a short period of time, with short intervals is best.
Other features of a good hypothesis
suitable scale small scale studies are more accessible than large scale studies
readily researched some topics can't be researched effectively due to:
time needed
number of researchers needed
data being unavailable or of a sensitive nature
clearly defined terms need to be understood to avoid confusion
clear geographical nature focus on spatial or locational patterns
based upon wider geographical theories, ideas, concepts or processes
titles refer to specific theories or models
clear aim single purpose and focus on research allowing a clear conclusion to be


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