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Hydrocarbons as Fuels

ALKANES: Hydrocarbons as Fuels

A Hydrocarbon is a compound of hydrogen and carbon only.
The physical states of alkanes at room temperatures and pressure change, from
gases to liquids, to solids, as the number of carbon atoms in the alkane molecule
This is the same as…

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Hydrocarbons as Fuels

Crude oil must be vaporised
before it enters the fractional
distillation column
This is usually achieved when
crude oil is passed through
pipes in a furnace where oil is
heated to above 350 degrees
The resulting mixture is fed
into the distillation column and
dived by…

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Hydrocarbons as Fuels

This enables the various fractions to be drawn from the column at approximate
An individual tray will contain a mixture of hydrocarbons with quite a narrow range of
boiling points
A fractional distillation column is designed to separate crude oil into several fractions.
These include refinery…

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Hydrocarbons as Fuels

Spillage of fuel causes grave damage to the environment which range from pollution
to immense loss of animal life




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