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Human Experience
Limits of Utilitarianism
Hitler killed millions of Jews and outsiders (e.g. Homosexuals, Communists and the Mentally
Disabled) for the `greater good' and for the prosperity of the German Aryan race. He invaded
foreign countries for living space to benefit the `greatest number'. Her the minority was
damaged by the concept of Utilitarianism.
Difficulty of using love as the basis of a decision making process
Love may lead mother's to kill their disabled or deformed children out of love. E.g in 2009 a
mother in Leicestershire kill herself and her mentally disabled daughter in a flaming car after
ten years of abuse.
January 2012- A pregnant 14-year-old girl has gone to court after her family allegedly
scheduled her a birth centre appointment to have an abortion. She claims her adult cousins,
whom she lives with in Corpus Christi, Texas, stopped her going to school and threatened to
beat her up. Judge Missy Medary has barred the girl's family from forcing her to make any
decisions on the abortion until at least Thursday next week. `One family member threw her
into the car on her stomach, and said: "I'm going to beat you until you decide otherwise",'
her lawyer told ABC News.
Embryonic Research
What about Germany? Cutting edge Germany must have progressive laws on human
embryonic stem cell research right? No again. In Germany any research on human embryos is
totally prohibited. The 1990 German Act for the Protection of Embryos states:
1. Anyone who disposes of, or hands over or acquires or uses for a purpose not serving its
preservation, a human embryo produced outside the body, or removed from a woman
before the completion of implantation in the uterus, will be punished with imprisonment of
up to three years or a fine.

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Likewise, anyone will be punished who causes a human embryo to develop further outside
the body for any purpose other than bringing about of a pregnancy.…read more


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