Augustine and Irenaeus Theodicy

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  • augustine V irenaeus
    • Augustine
      • 354 AD - 430 AD
        • A. Theodicy
          • 1) God is PERFECT. The world he created reflects that perfection
            • 2) Humans were created with FREE WILL
              • 3) Sin and Death entered the world through Adam and Eve, and their Disobedience
            • 4) Adam and Eve's Disobedience brought about 'Disharmony' in both Humanity and Creation
              • 5) The whole of humanity experiences this disharmony because we were all 'seminally' present in the loins of Adam
                • 6) NATURAL EVIL is a consequence of this disharmony brought about by the Fall
                  • 7) God is JUSTIFIED in not intervening because the suffering is a Consequence of human action
    • Irenaeus
      • 130 AD - 202 AD
        • I. Theodicy
          • 1) humans were created in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of God
            • 2) We are in an immature moral state, though we have the potential for moral perfection
              • 3) Throughout our lives we change from being human animals to 'children of God'
            • 4) This is a CHOICE made after struggle and experience, as we choose God rather than our baser instinct.
              • 5) There are NO angels or external forces at work here
                • 6) God brings in suffering for BENEFIT of humanity
                  • 7) From it we learn positive values and about the world around us.


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