Animal Rights AS

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  • Animal Rights
    • Moral Status
      • Animals have no moral status
      • Animals have the same moral status as humans
      • Animals have some moral status but not as much as humans
    • Arguments for the use animals for food
      • FOR
        • As superior we have the right to do what we like  with animals
        • Humans killing animals for food is part of the natural order
        • Using animals is necessary, we need food to live
      • AGAINST
        • Humans do not need to eat meat to survive
        • Animals killed for food are often killed in brutal way
    • Arguments for animal experiments
      • FOR
        • Human life has greater value than humans
        • The information gained from such  experiments could not be gained in other ways
      • AGAINST
        • Humans have as much right as human beings
        • It causes unneeded suffering
    • Christianity
      • AGAINST
        • Stewardship there is a purpose for  Animals
        • God values animals life
      • FOR
        • Aquinas argued that animals exist simply for humans
        • Humans are the superior species as god became man in human form as jesus, animals can not be equal to humans


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