Animal Rights: 3 moral aspects

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  • The 3 Aspects of Animal Rights
    • Animals have a moral status but ultimately are worth less than humans.
      • Animals have intrinsic value but aren't equal to use (same reasons as grey boxes)
      • Anything with the right to live has the right to not be killed however animals don't understand this concept so don't deserve equal rights.
      • Humans as the most powerful and superior species, have a responsibility of care to other species.
    • Animals have the same moral status as humans.
      • Animals have equal intrinsic value and deserve the same rights as humans.
      • We are wrong to use animals as a resource to be killed for sport, to be experiment on and for fashion.
      • This idea that animals have a significant moral status has been developed by philosophers such as Ryder and Singer.
    • Animals have no moral rights.
      • Animals have only an instrumental value. They have value only because they are useful to humans
        • Example:Humans need to eat meat, therefore killing animals more meat is simply part our our biological existence.
      • We have no moral obligations to animals.
      • Animals don't have the ability to reason and don't have a conscience.
        • Rights are appropriate for beings that have self awareness and social systems and can express themselves-which animals cannot.


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