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Analysing non-fiction texts
· Newspapers
· Biography
· Autobiography
· Magazines
· Documentary
· Diary/journal
· Letter
· Email
· Travel writing
· Advertisement
· Leaflets
· Report…read more

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Unseen media
5 W's
1. The main idea and vital
2. The details- important
but not essential
3. Extra info- helpful but
might need to be cut…read more

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Unseen media
· Purpose, inform, put an argument across.
· Audience + main points
· Layout
· Language…read more

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Different question types
· Fact/opinion
· Form-type of text
· Presentation- way it looks on the page (font size, colour)
· Identify implications and inconsistencies; what's not quite
· Follow an argument
· Image
· Print/text
· Language- emotive, persuasive, formal etc.
· Audience/purpose
· Comparison…read more

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· P- point
· E- evidence
· E- explain- this is needs to be the long bit, you
need to explain the effect of the example.
· A text will want you to `comment on the
effectiveness of this text'.
· Do NOT comment on the text as a vague whole,
you must break it down into individual specific
things e.g. colours, pictures and text etc.…read more

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