How similar are Labour and Conservative tax policies? (15 marks)

I got 15 / 15 for this essay. It's up to date and relevant for the January 2012 exam. Although, you can use it after but may need to update the coalition part. 

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How similar are Labour and Conservative tax policies? (15 marks)

Most policies on taxation by the Labour and Conservative party usually contradict
each other as both partys usually tend to take difference approaches. The
conservatives prefer the monetarist approach and decrease direct taxes and
increase indirect taxes such as VAT.…

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needed to maintain goodquality public services, although, Conservatives wish to
keep economic management under political control and more concerned to keep
down the overall level of taxation. However, ironically, Labour have been heavily
criticised by the conservatives for introducing and increasing many "stealth taxes"
which are indirect taxes which contradict…

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On the other hand, The Liberal Democrats have changed their approach from being
mainly Keynesian to mainly monetarist since 2010. Before joining the coalition, they
were the most interventionist party. In 2005, they pledged to raise the level of tax to
pay for better public services and proposed the top…


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