Edexcel exam questions for unit 3 gov't and pol.

Collection of all exam questions from the new unit 3 spec, for the UK topic

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Preview of Edexcel exam questions for unit 3 gov't and pol.

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Government and Politics:
15 Markers:
Law and Order:
How, and to what extent, has the Conservative Party's approach to law and
order changed in recent years? (jan10)
Explain the arguments for and against the wider use of custodial sentences and
longer prison terms. (june 10)
What anti-terrorism measures have been introduced since 2001, and why have
they been criticised? (jan11)
To what extent is there disagreement between government and opposition
parties over policing? (jan11)
How similar are Labour and Conservative tax policies? (june 10)
Welfare state:
Explain the strategies adopted by governments since 1997 to reduce
unemployment. (jan 10)
How and why has the NHS introduced rationing into health care provision?
(jan 10)
Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of increasing the numbers of students
in higher education. (june 10)
How and why has the principle that health care should be provided `free at the
point of delivery' been under threat? (june10)
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of universal welfare benefits.
To what extent have tax policies since 1997 been used to redistribute income?
How has the UK government attempted to meet its targets under the Kyoto
Protocol on climate change, and how successful has it been? (jan 10)
Explain the arguments for and against airport expansion in the UK. (jan 10)
To what extent has the Conservative Party become a `green' party? (june10)
To what extent have UK transport policies been influenced by green ideas?(jan11)

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Law and Order:
`Government policies since 1997 have been very successful in reducing crime.'
Discuss. (jan10)
To what extent have law and order policies since 1997 eroded traditional
freedoms in the UK? (june10)
To what extent have government policies since 1997 contributed to the recent
economic recession? (jan10)
`The Labour government's response to the economic crisis of 2008 was reckless
and irresponsible.' Discuss.…read more


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