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SHP p.186-194Catriona Ashley Miller

How much influence did Edward have
in government?
What was Edward like and how well was he prepared for kingship?
His upbringing

As Henry's first child, inevitably going to be given protected/cosseted upbringing.

Until age 6, cared for by nurse. Mother Jane Seymour died shortly after…

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SHP p.186-194Catriona Ashley Miller

Loach has attempted to estab. More balanced assessment.

Edward's ideas

Produced memo recommending reorganisation of PCo and limiting its functions.

Wrote about economic problems esp. inflation.

Diary reveals E's great interest in H-V wars.

Wrote about need to promote good preaching and disciplining of clergy, particularly…

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SHP p.186-194Catriona Ashley Miller

John Dudley made EoWarwick Feb 1547 then DoNorthumberland 11th Oct 1551. 21st Feb 1550
appointed Lord President of Council, ruled until Mary's succession.

Edward and the Government, 1547-49

Somerset ignored H8's intentions of regency council and had Council make him Lord Protector. Very
strict with E…

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SHP p.186-194Catriona Ashley Miller

to have given E opportunity to decisively increase his involvement. The potential for the reign of the
adult Edward was great indeed.

Key points
E was highly intelligent / serious-minded / hard-working person
Showed few emotions, didn't form close relationships
More like H7 than H8 in…


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