How far was Lenin responsible for the Bolsheviks growing hold on power in the years 1917-24?

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How far was Lenin responsible for the Bolsheviks growing hold on power in the years
Lenin's Leadership
Lenin had led the Bolsheviks to victory in the October Revolution
provided the energy and drive needed to inspire successhe had very
definite aims and objectives and a sense of purpose about what he
believed was best for Russi
His leadership was never challenged.
The Red Army- Trotsky's
Commissar for War in the Bolshevik government.
Brilliant organiser and improviser,
reated the Red Army from the Red Guards (the Bolshevik workers
militias) and from the remnants of the old Tsarist army
imposed a very tough system of discipline and control over the Red Army
Officers found guilty of cowardice or treachery were executed.
men who showed initiative and courage were promoted rapidly.
At times of crisis readily assumed personal command of areas under
inspiring and encouraging the troops to greater efforts, and to eventual
In 1918, at the start of the Civil War, the Bolsheviks controlled the key
central area of Russia - between Petrograd and Moscow.
Russia's railways were in this area
communication between the various battlefronts much easier
Trotsky was able to move troops and supplies rapidly to areas under
attack-able to visit the battlefronts in an armoured train, and to take
personal command.
large population of the major cities in this central area was a key resource
for the Bolsheviks
The cities provided fresh recruitment for the Red Army.
much of Russia's industry and raw materials was located in this area-keep
their troops supplied and equipped with weapons, ammunition and
White Army weaknesses
Divided leadership
No one person was in charge of the White forces.
Whereas the Bolsheviks had Lenin
the Whites had several rival people, such as Yudenich, Wrangel, Kolchak,
Denikin, vying for control
all ambitious men and each was determined to take control of Russia
for himself.

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White Armies - they
fought independently, making it easier for the Red Army to defeat them
had to move their forces and supplies over huge distances, making it
difficult to maintain effective control.
lack of effective railways was an added complication to the existing
communication difficulties between them.…read more


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