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Frankie Postles

How far did Mrs Thatcher bring about a social, economic and political revolution?

Mrs Thatcher resided in office for eleven years from 1979 to 1990. In that time, she managed to
revolutionise British politics, bringing changes in the economy and social situations. So great her
move away from…

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Frankie Postles

Mrs Thatcher brought about a huge economic revolution in her office. Monetarism was a major
economic shift in Thatcher's first term in office, a controversial policy not only from outside her party
but also internally. Monetarism was a financial theory out forward by Milton Friedman, a US

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Frankie Postles

Another economic policy undergone by Thatcher in her eleven years in office was undoubtedly the
revolution in the way in which trade unions were reformed, having a massive effect on the economy.
Before her election, trade unions had had a massively damaging effect on the British economy, the…


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