How did Hitler reverse the Treaty of Versailles?

Presentation on Hitlers reversal of the Treaty of Versailles, 6 steps to remember. Suitable for GCSE History.

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How did Hitler reverse
the Treaty of Versailles?…read more

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STEP 1: Leaving the league of
nations and the disarmament
conference, 1933
Hitler said that Germany would disarm if
everyone else did too
OR they would rearm to the level of the French
France refused both options, as they felt this
would put France in a much more vulnerable
Hitler left both the disarmament conference and
the league of nations, pretending that he
wanted peace…read more

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STEP 2: The Saar votes to
rejoin Germany, 1935
The Saar was an area of land on the Franco-
German border that was taken under league of
nations control after the Treaty of Versailles
It rejoined Germany after a public vote
This was a huge propaganda victory for Hitler
He backed it up by promising not to lay claims
on any more French land, such as Alsace &
Lorraine…read more

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STEP 3: Conscription &
the air force, 1935
Hitler announced the construction of a new air
force and the introduction of conscription, in
order to form an army
He wished to increase the army to 500,000
This was a blatant move against the terms of
the Treaty of Versailles
Stresa front formed (italy, france & britain) but
no action taken…read more

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STEP 4: The Anglo-German
Naval Agreement, 1935
Germany agreed to keep it's naval force to
35% that of Britain
This was meant to ensure Britain's naval power
It acknowledged that the military terms of the
Treaty of Versailles were dead
Allowed Germany to increase her power
Stresa front collapsed- Britain did not consult
before signing…read more

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STEP 5: The re-occupation
of the Rhineland, 1936
Hitler marched troops into the Rhineland
He needed to control it in order to carry
out an aggressive foreign policy in the
France would not take action without
anyone else
Britain saw it simply as Germany
marched into their own back yard…read more

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Miss E


A good starting point when revising how Hitler systematically broke down the terms of the Treaty until he had rearmed German ready for WWII. You could add this information to your notes on Appeasement and the League as the other side of the stroy. Maybe create a timeline showing all three aspects.



what about anschluss

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