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How and why did the
Liberal Government help
the poor?…read more

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Main causes of poverty in Britain at the
beginning of the 20 century:
· Low wages
· Sickness
· Unemployment
· Old age
· Laziness
· Bad habits
· Large families
· Wasting money on drinking…read more

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Help available for the poor at the beginning
of the 20 century:
· Private charities
· The Poor Law
· Those in need had to go into a workhouse where the conditions were
harsh and unpleasant…read more

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Why many were opposed to more
government help for the poor:
· They didn't want to fund them (higher tax)
· Because many people believed people bough poverty upon
themselves due to waste, bad habits and low morals…read more

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How people's lives were affected by
· People couldn't afford to buy necessities
· If you were born into it, you grew up into it
· People died earlier
· The economy suffered
· More crimes, prostitution, slums and drunks
· Many were underweight, malnourished and infected…read more

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Booth and Rowntree's investigations
· People were poor because of an out of their control situation
Causes of poverty were:
· Casual labour
· Low pay
· Old age 1 in 3 people were
· Unemployment living in poverty
· Large families
· illnesses…read more

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