Social Reform

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The working and living conditions for the poor

  • many unregulated industries
  • Not all jobs had fixed hours (dock workers)
  • Labourous work could not be carried out passed 40 (coal backers)
  • Lived in cramped conditions with poor sanitation
  • Poverty was blamed upon the poor themselves
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Social reformers reactions to the social problems

Charles Booth

  • found underestimated reports
  • 30% of London lived below the 'poverty line'
  • 1% were poor due to crime or by not working

Seebohm Rowntree

  • found poverty was caused by old age, illness etc
  • 27% of York lived below the 'poverty line'
  •  believed the government should help the poor
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The introduction of the Liberal reforms

Due to: 

  • increased reports on poverty from the Salvation Army
  • around 69% of the popultaion could not fight in the Boer war (too short/ unfit etc)
  • to have a better workforce to compete with Germany
  • Lloyd George- old age pension,Churchill- joined Liberal government in 1906 due to reforms
  • feared Labour would take the vote
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How effective were the reforms?

  • Children: free school meals/ free medical checks/ protection
  • Elderly: old age pension (for over 70s)
  • Unemployed: could sign up to find out about work
  • National Insurence Act: sick pay (paid 4d for 26 weeks pay)
                                      unemployment benefit (paid 2.5d per week for 7 shillings a week-15 weeks only)
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