How does Athene help Odysseus? Table with quotes

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How does Athene help Odysseus through books 113?
On Mount Olympus, Athene reminds Zeus `It is for Odysseus that my heart is wrung.'
1 about Odysseus being stranded at sea and on `Why are you at odds with Odysseus Zeus?'
Ogygia. She asks Zeus for his mercy and he
reassures her.
Athene persuades Zeus to send Hermes to `Let us send our messenger Hermes, the
Ogygia to release Odysseus giantkiller, to the isle of Ogygia' `The patien
Odysseus must now set out for home'
Although, not directly to Odysseus, she still `She assumed the appearance of a family
helps him in the long term by disguising herself friend, the Taphian chieftain mentes, bronze
as Mentor and travels to Ithaca and advises spear in hand'
Telemachus to go to Pylos and Sparta to find `choose your best ship, man her with twent
out information about his father. oarsmen, and set out to inquire after your
long absent father'
When Telemachus' meeting with the suitors
fails, he prays to Athene and she answers his
prayer, ordering him to prepare for a journey
and promising to secure a ship for his travels.
She then disguises as Telemachus to secure a
ship from Noemon, and then disguised as
Mentor, the crew head for Pylos.
Athene begs Zeus to allow Odysseus to leave `The imprisonment of Odysseus in Calypsos
5 Ogygia. home was heavy on Athene's heart, and she
now recalled the tails of her misfortunes to
their minds'
When Poseidon sends a storm to delay `She checked all the other winds in their
Odysseus on his raft, Athene calms the winds courses, bidding them to calm down and go
and drifts Odysseus towards Scheria, where he to sleep'/ `she summoned the strong north
will find help from the Phaeacian people. wind with which she flattened the waves in
the swimmers path so that Odysseus may b
rescued in the jaws of death'
Athene gives Odysseus Wisdom when faced `Athene put into his head to grab hold of a
with how to survive the rocks surrounding rock with both hands as he was swept in'/
Scheria. `there the unhappy man would of come to a
predestined end, If Athene had not given hi
a good idea'
Athene visits Nausicaa in her dreams, and as `Intent on her plans for the great heart
disguised as a friend, advises her to prepare for Odysseus'
6 marriage by washing her linens in the streams `Taking the form of the daughter of a ship's
`You certainly wont remain unmarried for
Athene makes Odysseus wake up when `Athene has other ideas and arranged for
Nausicaa is by the river so they meet Odysseus to wake up and see this lovely girl
who was to serve as his escort to the
Phaeacian city'

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How does Athene help Odysseus through books 113?
Athene plays up his manly beauty and Nausicaa `Athene made him seem taller and sturdier
falls for the plan as she begins to fancy and caused the bushy locks to hang from his
Odysseus and offers his clothes, food, shelter head thick as the petals of a hyacinth in
and help from her people bloom'
`she endowed his head and shoulders with
`Nausicaa gazed at him in admiration'
`I wish I could have a man like…read more

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How does Athene help Odysseus through books 113?
` And so, my friend, the name of Ithaca has
travelled even as far as Troy'
Athene reveals herself to Odysseus `And yet you did not recognize Pallas Athen
Daughter of Zeus, who always stands by you
side and guards you through all your
Athene then tells Odysseus he must hide all his `Our immediate task is to hide your goods in
treasure, and she will disguise him as a beggar some corner of this sacred…read more

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How does Athene help Odysseus through books 113?…read more


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