Odyssey - Book 7 Summary

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  • Nausicaa heads off to her palace while Odysseus prays at the shrine of Athene. Nausicaa's brothers unharness the mules and bring the washing inside. Nausicaa goes to her room where her aged servant, originally a war prize of her father, lights the fires.
  • Dressed as a young girl, Athene offers to lead Odysseus to the palace. The goddess shrouds him in mist so the Phaeacians won't notice him. The Athene-girl warns that Odysseus shouldn't talk to anyone since the Phaeacians aren't fond of strangers. She adds that the Phaeacians are confident in their ships and support from Poseidon.
  • When they reach the palace the Athene-girl tells Odysseus to be bold and to gain the support of Arete, the queen. If Odysseus can gain her favor, he'll get home again. Athene then leaves, headed towards Athens.
  • Odysseus goes into the palace and mention is made of the great natural abundance and skill of the inhabitants. Odysseus approaches Arete and grabs her knees. He asks for…


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