The Odyssey  - Book 7

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  • The Odyssey  - Book 7
    • Odysseus prays in the grove and Nausicaa reaches the palace.
      • Eurymedusa helps Nausicaa retire to bed.
    • Odysseus heads to the city, Athene covers him in a thick mist.
      • Athene disguises herself as a young girl and stops to meet Odysseus.
        • Odysseus asks her for directions. Athene agrees and advises him not to talk to anyone.
    • Odysseus marvels at the city.
    • They reach the palace. Athene tells him to go straight to Arete. Athene tells Odysseus how wise Arete is.
    • We learn how beautiful and well-built Alcinous' palace.
    • Alcinous' garden is always fruitful as the Phaeacians are favoured by the Gods.
    • Odysseus stops to admire the palace. He finds the captains and counsellors pouring libations for Hermes.
      • Odysseus, still covered in Athene's mist walks straight through the hall. He throws himself at Arete's feet and the mist disappears.
        • Odysseus asks for help and makes his case. Everyone is silent until Echeneus spoke and told Alcinous to show him hospitality.
          • Alcinous listens and Odysseus is given food and drink whilst they pour more libations.
    • People suspect Odysseus may be a God, but he rejects this as he is so unlucky.
      • All he wants is to see Ithaca one last time. He is applauded and they agree to help him.
        • All the guests go home.
    • Arete recognises the clothes Odysseus is wearing and questions him.
      • Odysseus explains his story and how he came to Scherie
    • Alcinous criticises Nausicaa actions of not bringing Odysseus straight to the palace.
      • Odysseus  says tells Alcinous it was his idea to no tome at once.
        • Alcinous says that if Odysseus were to stay on Scherie, Odysseus could take her in marriage.
    • Alcinous states that the day of departure shall be the next day, Odysseus can sleep the whole way to Ithaca.
    • Arete instructs the maids to make a bed up for Odysseus. Odysseus goes to sleep alone.


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