Ways in which war is NOT glorified in the Iliad

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  • Ways in which war is NOT glorified in the Iliad
    • Gruesome descriptions of death
      • PAGE 283 "The metal point of the spear penetrated under his brain and smashed the white jaw bones ETC"
    • Grief over death
      • Parents and children/families
        • Andromache's and Briseis' families all being killed by war, before Andromache is only left with Hector and Briseis taken away by Achilles.
        • Hector leaving Andromache and Astyanax Page 111
        • Thetis's distress over Achilles (her sons) destiny Page 331
      • PAGE 320 Achilles grief over patroclus
        • "Achilles was sobbing out his noble heart"
      • PAGE 286 Zeus' grief over his son Sarperdon
        • "He did send down a shower of bloody raindrops to the earth in tribute to his dear son"
    • Interferance of the gods make the mortals like pawns in a pointless game
    • The inhumane fight over bodies
      • "The two fought for Cebriones like a pair of lions on the mountain heights, each as hungry and fearless as the other, disputing the dead body of a stag"
    • The sheer numbers that are killed
      • "Adrestys first. and Autonous and Echeclus; Perimus, Epistor and Melanippus; and then Elasus and Mulius and Pylartes. All these Patroclus killed"
    • detailed backstories before deaths
      • Aeneas: "So i left and came to Ilium on foot, relying on my archery(...) but if i ever get home again and set eyes on the land of my fathers, my wife and my great house
    • homer's input
      • "War with all its tears"


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