Home front (Britian in WW1)

A resource overviewing the key dates of Britains home front during WW1. Made easy to read and rememeber with colour codeing.

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*History Paper 2
The Home front…read more

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*August: war declared on Germany
*August: DORA was introduced
*Autumn: Women's hospital corps and
women's police volunteers started
*December: First British civilians
*1914…read more

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*May: Coalition government formed
*July: Munitions crisis
*Autumn: Government came to an
agreement with the unions so they
would be paid the same as men
*1915…read more

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*January: Conscription introduced for all
single men between 18-40
*May: extended conscription to married
*July: battle of the Somme
*November: Public opinion changed,
questioned how generals were running the
war *1916
*December: Lloyd George became prime
minister…read more

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*April: German u boats sunk ¼ of
British merchant ships
*November: voluntary rationing
*December: women over 30 got the
*1917…read more

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*February: compulsory rationing
*April: rationing extended to the
entire country
*November: Armistice signed ­ war
was over
*1918…read more

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