Cold War - Conferences

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  • Conferences
    • The Teheran Conference November 1943
      • Main Agreements
        • Britian and USA agreed to open up a second front by invading France in May 1944
        • USSR was to wage war against Japan once Germany was defeated
        • United Nations set up after the War
        • Area of Eastern Poland was to be added to the USSR
      • About
        • First conference of The Big Three - Russia, USA & Britian - Stalin, FDR and Chruchill
        • Stalin got most of what he wanted - Rooseevelt was unwell & sided with Stalin instead of Churchill
      • Strains in Grand Alliance
        • Second Front Stalin annoyed that Britian and USA delayed opening a second front
        • Churchill did not trust Stalin
    • Yalta Conference February 1945
      • About
        • To discuss what was to happen to Europe after WW2
          • Stalin, FDR and Churchill
        • Stalin and Roosevelt shared a good relationship - Churchill felt isolated
    • The Potsdam Conference July 1945
      • Disagreements
        • Soviets wanted to crush Germany whereas USA & Britian did not
        • Free elections - Truman wanted, Stalin did not
      • About
        • Changes Happened - FDR died. Churchill was replaced. USSR ocupied E. Europe. Stalin refused to demilitarise the Red Army. America successfully tested the Atomic Bomb.
      • Main Agreements
        • Germany was demilitarised, democracy re-established. Nazi Party banned
        • UN all agreed to take part
        • USSR gained parts of Poland, Romaina and Czechoslovakia
        • Poland boarder moved west to Oder & Neosse


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