History - Suffragettes and Suffragists


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Suffragists and
History revision…read more

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Background Information
In the 19th century there were many campaigns into
getting women the vote. They were also to get more
rights for women.
The campaigning groups were split into two
categories: the suffragettes and the suffragists.
The suffragettes were violent campaigners and the
suffragists were peaceful protesters.
Both groups did a number of different protests and
campaigns to try and help the women's suffrage
cause.…read more

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Arguments for and against the women'
s suffrage cause.
For: Against:
· Women are equal before ·A woman's place is at home,
god caring and cooking
·Women already have the ·Many women do not want the
vote in local elections vote
·Women pay taxes ·Women do not fight in wars
·Some women are far better ·The vast of women are to
than men ignorant for politics
·Other countries have given ·Some women can't be trusted,
women the vote suffragettes…read more

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The Suffragettes
·Founded in 1903 led by Emmeline Pankhurst
·Also knows as The Women's Social and Political Union
·They believed in violent protests, setting fire to post
boxes, bombing churches and attacking politician
·Most famous stunt was when Emily Davison ran in front of
the kings horse during the derby of 1913, she later dies due
to serious injuries
·The suffragettes caused a lot of anger to the cause due to
all the bad publicity they received due to their dramatic
ways of protesting
·Some historians argue that the publicity could have being
good in some aspects because it raised more awareness to
the cause…read more

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The Suffragists
·The suffragists was founded in 1897, it was led by Millicent
·The group was made up of mainly middle-class women ,
they also had support from some members of parliament
·The suffragists believed in peaceful protests, they organised
marches, big meetings(one of the biggest being in Hyde park
·They also were very good campaigners, they had a
magazine, they produced numerous flyers, leaflets and
posters for everyone
·They produced lots of petitions to help gain more support to
the cause
·David Lloyd George supported the suffragists and their
methods of campaigns…read more


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