History Medicine Through Time A* Summary

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Period Cause of Disease Treatment and Factors Affecting Amount of Progress Other Information
Prevention Development
43 Ce ­ 410 Ce Religion and Superstition Public Health System ORGANISATION Many practical achievements such as Galen ­ 350+ texts
Roman Britain Four Humours ­ Balance Theory of Opposites TECHNOLOGY roman army hospitals and public health continuity from Gre
Poor Sanitation and Hygiene Prayer and Charms systems dissection,
Herbal Remedies Still didn't know what caused disease
and treatments were `wrong'
13001500 Four Humours ­ Balance Herbal Remedies GOVERNMENT Less organisation and the public health Much info was dest
Middle Ages Religion and Superstition Theory of Opposites RELIGION system collapsed in the era transition
Miasma Prayer and Charms Establishment of the Church limited Doctors were expen
progress as it controlled ideas, people relied on her
developments and dissections (supernaturalremedies
beliefs) From 1300 the chur
People had no idea what caused disease allowed some disse
1348 Black Death
15001700 Four Humours ­ Balance Herbal Remedies TECHNOLOGY Anatomy improved however they didn't Printing 1454
Renaissance Religion and Superstition Bloodletting RELIGION know the cause of disease, cures or about Microscope Antonie
Miasma INDIVIDUAL blood groups or infection for surgery Leeuwenhoek 1693
Social attitudes led to little progress for a
Ordinary people still relied on informal
healers such as wise women and
supernatural remedies
17501900 Miasma and Spontaneous Vaccination ­ Smallpox SOCIAL Public health was poor especially at the Jenner Smallpox va
Industrial Generation Hospitals ATTITUDES beginning of the era 1798
Revolution Germ Theory by Pasteur Herbal Remedies TECHNOLOGY 1856/7 Germ Theor

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Patent Medicines GOVERNMENT People started to understand what caused 1884 Magic Bullet
disease and therefore how to treat illness Ehrlich
New vaccine were developed to prevent
1900Present Microbes cause disease Modern Day Drugs TECHNOLOGY New high tech surgery 1928 Penicillin Disc
Modern Day DNA and Genetic Conditions Vaccinations COMMUNICATIO The discovery of DNA 1944 Mass produce
Lifestyle Illnesses Hygiene N and new treatments
Magic Bullets GOVERNMENT However...…read more


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