heart transplants

This is a mind map, using hats analysis i made in year 10.

White hat: facts

Blue hat:summary

yellow: positive/successes

black: negatives/failures

red: feelings and opinions

Green: improvements/the future

These are great tools to structure work, and this is an example of how to use them.

heart transplants

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Cardiomypathydisease ofthe muscle).
°The heart can no longer Work efficiently and the patients life is at risk. This means that the tissues ofthe body Cannot get
oxygen and nutrients needed for them to Work properly.
2008, 130 heart transplant operations were
carried out in the UK, of which 34 were on young under the age of 115.
by Rakshaa and Anum
f Heart transplants summary by Rakshaa and Anum
Transplantation saves and improves the lives of 1
¿The last approach to save lives.
patients everywhere.…read more


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