solutions for a coronary heart disease

This is just a table i made to help you know some solutions, e.g. stents to a blocked artery, that i made during year 10

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Type of treatment advantages disadvantage
Heart transplants A heart transplant can save The number of donors is
lives of people who have a less than the number of
severe heart failure or people who need a new
heart disease. heart.
They give lots of support. Some people want to keep
There are their body organs (maybe
immunosuppressant drugs for religious reasons).
available to prevent heart A heart transplant is
rejection complicated surgery that
usually takes three to five
There are many risks of a
heart transplant, such as
cancer, infection, and
failure of new heart
(rejection of heart).
Lots of preparation is
Slow recovery rate.
Mechanical treatments
Stents Stops blood flowing the With every type of heart
wrong way when the surgery, there are risks and
valves stiffen so there are also risks
Operation improves their when it comes to Stent
quality of life and operations.
Less blood loss as keyhole
surgery is performed tjis
means the patient does not
have to be cut open.

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