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B5 Activity 1 OCR Gateway

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B5 act 1
Hole in the Heart
What is it?
A hole in the heart is a condition that people are born with; it's a gap in the
wall separating the two ventricles or the two atria.
What problems does it cause?
Some of the oxygenated blood leaks from the left side to the right and is
pumped to the lungs, which isn't very efficient; the heart has to pump harder
to make up for the inefficiency.
How can it be dealt with?
Minor surgery
Valve damage
What is it?
In the heart the valves can be damaged by heart attacks, old age and infection.
This can cause the valves to not open properly.
What problems does it cause?
As the vales do not open properly it causes high blood pressure, it might also
cause blood to flow in both directions.
How can it be dealt with?
The valve can be replaced with an artificial one, one from a donor or one from
an animal.
Coronary heart disease (CHD)
What is it?
When fatty deposits block the arteries carrying blood to the heart.
What problems does it cause?
This can cause heart attacks, which can be fatal.
How can it be dealt with?
It can be treated with coronary bypass operation, which is where a blood
vessel is taken from another part of the body and is inserted as a bypass
around the blockage.
Ways heart problems can be corrected:
Heart transplant- when a surgeon removes a diseased heart and
replaces it with a donor heart.
Valves and pacemakers being fitted.
Heart assist device which takes over the pumping duties of a heart.
Problems with heart transplants:
The transplants can be rejected. The patient's immune system may see the
heart as foreign and try to attack it. Drugs can be used to prevent the immune
system from attacking it but this can lead to infections.

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B5 act 1
Heart diseases such as a hole in the heart, valve damage, and coronary heart
disease can cause many problems to the body. A hole in the heart cause
oxygenated blood to leak from the left side of the heart to the right side and
then be sent to the lungs. This can be sorted by surgery but this too can cause
problems, if the heart surgery goes wrong then the results could be fatal.…read more


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