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· Health is the absence of disease and physical,
mental and social wellbeing
· Disease is anything that disrupts the normal
functioning of the body
· Disease can be caused by a pathogen (any
organism that causes harm to another), a
parasite (any organism that lives on or in
another), or by genetic, dietary and
environmental factors
· Infectious diseases are those which can be
passed from one organism to another…read more

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· Caused by 4 strains of plasmodium, a single
celled, eukaryotic Protoctist
· Spread by female anopheles mosquitoes ­ the
· The inject it into your blood with the
anticoagulant when they bite you
· Infects liver cells first where it multiplies and
bursts out, going on to infect your red blood
cells, causing the illness
· Symptoms include fever, shaking, headache
etc…read more

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· HIV replicates in and destroys T-helper white
blood cells
· Causes AIDS when the number of your white
blood cells drops below a critical level below
which the immune system cannot function
· Your immune system has trouble destroying it
because it mutates often.
· This leaves you open to infections such as TB,
karposys sarcoma and pneumonia…read more

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· Caused by bacteria Mycobacterium
tuberculosis or M.bovis
· Coughs and sneezes spread diseases!!!
· Mainly affects lungs but can spread elsewhere
· On the rise again due to antibiotic resistance
developing, increasing rates of HIV and air
travel between developed and developing
countries.…read more

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· Much more common in developing countries
especially sub-Saharan Africa
· Because poor access to healthcare, so often
not diagnosed/treated
· Poor education, don't know how it
spreads/how to prevent it
· Lack of contraception, anti-malarial nets,
drugs etc…read more

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· Important because:
· Shows areas and people most at risk
· Shows areas it is likely to spread to soon
· Enables research to be carried out
· Allows aid agencies to target aid and
education to the right places and people.…read more


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