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01/03/2013 E. Singh

Haydn's String Quartet No.4 Op. 120: IV Finale (1781)

By the time Haydn wrote this quartet he had settled on a four-movement format; fast ­ slow ­ minuet ­ finale.

Forces/Classical features Melody Harmony
Classical chamber music Folk/dance-like simply melody Strongly functional
2 violins, viola and cello…

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01/03/2013 E. Singh

Tonality Texture Rhythm Structure
b0-36 E flat As a Classical piece, First in compound Rondo! With first
b36-70 A flat, Fm (b48), E most is melody duple 6/8 metre refrain in rounded
flat (b54). A flat and Fm dominated homophony Generally simple binary form
are not established…


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